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Rehabilitation Services

We deliver an independent rehabilitation service and are a provider of impartial absence, injury and risk management services.

Corpore-TTN provide a range of return to work and health management services.
We offer innovative solutions in controlling the rising costs of lost time and personal injury claims by assisting injured and absent persons back to function and work. Our team of highly experienced rehabilitation case managers support employees in their recovery back to health and into the workplace.

We have access to a managed national treatment network of qualified independent treatment professionals to ensure the appropriate treatment is received at the right time.

Corpore-TTN’s model is based on a ‘cost effective and timely return to work’.
We are aware of  the cost of lost time to the employer and the model
is therefore designed to ensure that the rehabilitation applied is timely, appropriate and focussed on returning the employee to work at the earliest possibility.

Our comprehensive range of absence, injury and risk management
services include:

Absence management services

For work place injuries and absences, capturing absences and managing the injury at the earliest opportunity can help to mitigate long term staff absence, lost times costs and at a later stage, an EL claim.

Injury management services

Our approach to personal injuries is one of our core service solutions, carried out via our desktop or field services.  We adopt a holistic approach coupled with a vocational and return to optimal health outcome. The service is aimed at providing value for money through effective screening of cases. This allows us to mobilise a level of intervention that is appropriate to the level of disability. The focus is on returning the sick or absent person to their previous job role wherever possible.  

Risk management services

These services are designed to assist employers and insurers at various stages of the employee lifecycle, by helping to reduce staff absence rates and prevent injury and ill-health of employees. This is an excellent risk management component for any business delivering outcomes for all parties.

Health management

We provide a range of specialist health services to employers including,
pre-employment and routine health screening, ergonomic assessments, manual handling advice and stress management. These offer the benefit of an outstanding and reliable outsourced service, which can be bespoke to the needs of your organisation.

For more information about our range of services, please contact our head office on 03330 069 199 or email


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